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Useful websites & links

This is a list of links to pages or videos I've used whilst doing the build. 

They've helped guide me, or saved me, when I've run into a little (or big) hurdle.

I'll include any details relevant to how and why I used the link,

and anything new I found as a result of following it.

Sportspack wheel arches

Templates and fitting instructions

These came in very handy for when I installed the Sportspack wheel arches, BUT be careful as there can be some slight differences with each set of arches. There can be variances between batches and brands. Mine fitted nicely (within 1-2mm) on all bolts for 3 of the arches, but the 4th had 2 bolts that were out by about 20mm! Use them as a guide, then test fit repeatedly after each hole is drilled to make sure the next lines up. Adjust accordingly.

Project Binky

Do I need a reason to watch it....??

Who doesn't love Project Binky!! In all seriousness though, the guys give so much detail in everything that they do and also back it up with their reasoning. I wish I had half of their level of engineering and C.A.D. development skills! Through their videos I've been able to pick up on things that I wouldn't have thought of, and they've also given me ideas on how to solve a problem. An example of this is the fuel and brake line brackets they made in episode 15. They made theirs from a nylon material though, whereas I made mine with 10mm solid square aluminium.  Another situation where Project Binky came to help/save me was where they spoke early on about their steering setup, and their desire not to be killed by it if they should ever have a head-on accident. Basically, the standard Mini steering column is a spear aimed at your head.  With this in mind I decided to cannibalise the steering column from the Honda CRX and use it instead.  I know there are going to be a few issues getting it installed and working correctly, like the fact it currently fouls on the brake pedal, but the end result (hopefully) is a steering column that (A) sits directly in front of the driver rather than on the angle the stock Mini has, and (B) it won't try to kill me in the event of an accident! Oh, and the other reason for Project Binky..... they're  funny as all hell!

Speaker board templates

Its all about dat bass!

Saying that there is little room in a Mini is an understatement! For me, the car will be my daily-driver so I need it to be fitted with all the "mod-cons" I want and need. That means a stereo, and one with pretty good sound. That means speakers... But, where can you fit speakers, and get good sound. Underneath the back seat is where!

Dash and speaker board template

Customising options

Another good link to templates for anyone that wants to build a custom dash, speaker board, or boot liner.

Handy little DIY projects

A little mixed bag

A good little link to a few DIY projects and general repair guides.

The Mini Forum (UK)

The go-to-place for Mini help

Anything and everyting related to Mini repairs, mods, and Mini gurus!