REC Watches Australia

Inspired by a classic Mini, each watch from this range of REC watches uniquely contain actual parts from a Mini Cooper! The face of each watch contains the unmistakable feature that is derived directly from the cars. Be it the dials configured in the look of a Mini's dash, or the characteristic Mini bonnet stripes. Check out these awesome Mini inspired watches from REC Watches Australia !

They have Mini-inspired details on the face, but what's really unique is that some of each watch is made with recycled metals from an actual Mini! The watches display the VIN number of the car the parts were salvaged from, and each watch comes with an "Origin brochure" which includes an image of the car's original logbook and even anecdotes from previous owners of the car itself! It's not just a watch, it brings its own little bit of history!

As if the watch isn't good enough itself, what's even better is that REC Australia have a special offer open to followers of Mick's Marauding Mini! Free shipping on all orders when you use the discount code of "MICK72"!