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What's inspired me...

From the outset, this is the car that stood out as the "benchmark" for my build and hence why it features heavily here. I love the wheels, arches, and the side skirts. It's also the simple white colour that shows the lines and the seams of the car that makes it a Mini.

This was the next most influential picture i've seen along the way. Again, the arches and side skirts stood out to me. I like that they widen the stance of the Mini's. For a while I was going to run these Sportspack wheels, but they just don't have the slightly more aggressive look I hoped for.

Similar to the first white Mini, this one again has the nice wheel arches, along with the white colour scheme with blue details. The round bum on this one also got me thinking about doing the same on mine.

At the 2016 Mini Muster there were a few Mini's there with engine conversions, but unfortunately no Honda VTECs. At the time I was still thinking about which engine to use - Honda B16/18, Toyota 4EF(T)E, or Suzuki G13b. This Mini was there with a Toyota 4EFTE engine swap, and it was great to see an engine conversion in person, and see how it all fits. In the end, the Honda engines were just more readily available.

Another Mini seen at the 2016 Mini Muster. This photo was originally taken solely for the round deseamed bum look. But as the build has progressed I've referred back to it when discussing roll cage ideas, colour choice (red was a contender for a brief time), and when deciding on which wheel arches to go for. When it comes to roll cages, I plan on having a custom cage built where (hopefully) the rear bars are hidden closer to the C pillars so externally they are harder to see. Where they then meet the rar parcel shelf I plan to run further tubing from under the parcel shelf to the top of the rear wheel wells and shock mounts. Running colilovers, I need some stiffening in the rear arches to prevent the coilovers bursting through the arch, so by linking the rear susupension mounts to the roll cage, the forces will be sent through the cage, hopefully preventing any chance of arch failure.  

Again, this was picked for colour when red was on the cards at one time. The wheels also peeked my interest.

Who doesn't like this beautiful specimen?? The colour, the stance, and how it just all goes so well together! Its more "pimped" than i'll be doing, but I just find it really nice to look at. The blue is definitely still a contender at the moment. 

The black grill on this Clubby caught my eye, and was the reason I went the same way with mine. I plan on having features under the hood that will be visible through the grill. Black "disappears" and allows you to see past it, and the features behind are made more visible. If I kept it all original, the shiny chrome would blind you from being able to see past the grill. I just hope my theory works in practice!